Book Review: Broken by Christa Cervone

According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of the word Broken is violently separated into parts. SHATTERED.

Yup, that pretty much sums me up. How do I handle things? I find my answers at the bottom of a bottle of Tequila and sleep with random men. 

How did I get this way? Well, four years ago I made a decision that cost me the love of my life. I can't undo what I did to drive Garrett out of my life. I haven't seen or heard from him in four long years. But he still haunts me in my dreams or should I call them nightmares at this point? No matter how much booze I drink and how many men I sleep with, nothing fills the void. I feel like I am existing but I’m not really living.

I’m trying to get my life back on track. Well that was until. . . . Garrett walked back into my life. His reappearance threw me into another tailspin. 
How do I put the pieces of our broken hearts back together? All before he walks out of my life again... this time for good. Or am I simply destined to just be Broken?

My Review:

This story was a bit backwards, but I actually found that nice. Most of the time, characters meet, they fall in love, then something happens to break them up, and finally they reunite for their HEA. In this one the major breakup has already happened and get to witness their journey to HEA. It is a little frustrating at the beginning not knowing the details of what happened and not knowing how to feel about Leila. She is not very likable at all in the beginning which make it difficult as a reader to get invested in a book. But alas, she does have redeeming qualities that begin to shine through and for me it is all about the redemption. I love a truly screwed up personality that works to change themselves for the better. 

And Garrett, oh my, I think I was in love with him from the start. I truly worthy male lead with such a heart wrenching story. Definitely worth the read! 

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