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Political Historical Fiction

Date Published: September 29, 2021

Azad’s father was brutally executed by the Iraqi army. Since then, Azad has moved to the city of Duhok to pursue his education. In doing so he hopes to provide a new life for his family and his fiancĂ©e, Juwan, who are back in their home village. But as the Iran-Iraq War comes to an end, the Iraqi government launches the genocidal Anfal campaign against the Kurds. Fleeing separately across physical and emotional borders, Azad and Juwan find themselves in the crosshairs of the Iraqi army. However, the most dangerous threat is the one they least expect.

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Book Blitz: The Six Pillars of Advocacy by Tarek Kteleh, MD #promo #nonfiction #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours @MKWebsiteandSEO



Embrace Your Cause and Transform lives


Date Published: October 29, 2021

★★★ A roadmap like you've never seen before and a must read book to change your life and the lives of others ★★★

This book is a step by step guide book that reads as a thriller. It teaches you how to emulate the success Dr. Kteleh and his organization have had in holding the twenty-first century's greatest war criminal accountable, saving the lives of four million civilians, and protecting patient safety in the U.S. from the corporate medicine industry.

It also teaches how to:

Successfully advocate for a noble cause.

Create and utilize an effective network.

Build organizational capacity to support your goals

Effectively wield traditional and digital media to create public awareness

Meet the president of the United States and the most powerful policymakers at the heart of the nation's capital.

By following the step-by-step instructions based on real life experiences, you will be able to make progress advocating that you thought was never possible.

The only thing stopping you from making the world a better place is a lack of practical knowledge.

With this book in hand, you have no more excuses. Stop wishing and start advocating. Order your copy today!

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Book Tour & Book Review: Chasing Winter by Autumn Lishky #blogtour #bookreview #paranormalromance #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours



Paranormal Romance/Erotica

Date Published: 01-01-2022

Publisher: Dirty Little Love, LLC

Thirteen Clans. Thirteen Males. One prize.

Winter Jarl is the most notorious female warrior of her species. Her father is chief, and he’s dying, so he’s cashed in on a promise she made long ago: he’s setting her up with an alpha from each of the thirteen clans before she takes over his position.

Sentenced to a year of isolation, she will spend twenty-eight-days alone with each man. By the end of it, Winter must choose one to stand beside her.

The challenge? She must be in love to produce an heir.

Cycle One: Chasing Winter

When Winter's oath comes due, she isn't ready to give up her freedom, her body, or her future. Too bad her nature won't be doing her any favors.

Thunder is young and inexperienced and the first to encounter Winter Jarl’s deadly sexuality. But he's got a bucket list of positions he wants to take her in, and he's willing to face her wrath just to check each one off.

If you enjoyed Audrey Carlan’s Calendar Girl series, you’ll love Autumn Lishky’s Wooing the Alpha series.

Jump into this intense paranormal erotica now and see who you want to win Winter’s heart.

Autumn Lishky has a great ability for description. She really makes the reader understand the ins and outs of her characters by giving such in-depth descriptions. 

I enjoyed the chemistry between the characters and the great addition of WIT. I found myself laughing out loud many times through this read. 

Overall, I  really enjoyed this. There is plenty going on and its a very quick yet satisfying read.

About the Author

Autumn Lishky is a quiet, little woman with a big, loud imagination, and a dirty one at that. Living in the Oklahoma City area, she has worked various jobs from pizza delivery girl to night host at a funeral home, but no matter the nature of her income, she is always lost in a world of fantastic sex.

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Book Blitz: The Lion Trees by Owen Thomas #promo #literaryfiction #rabtbooktours @MKWebsiteandSEO @RABTBookTours



Literary Fiction

Date Published: August 25, 2014

Publisher: ‎ OTF Literary, LLC


What if survival required you to unlearn who you are? How far would you fall to save yourself? Sometimes happiness is a long way down.

The Johns family is unraveling. Hollis, a retired Ohio banker, isolates himself in esoteric hobbies and a dangerous flirtation with a colleague's daughter. Susan, his wife of forty years, risks everything for a second chance at who she might have been. David, their eldest, thrashes to stay afloat as his teaching career capsizes in a storm of accusations over a missing student and the legacy of Christopher Columbus. While Tilly, the black sheep, trades her literary promise for an improbable career as a starlet, and then struggles to define herself amidst a humiliating scandal and the judgment of an uncompromising writer.

By turns comical, suspenseful and poignant, the Johns family is tumbling toward the discovery that sometimes you have to let go of your identity to find out who you are.

Owen Thomas' rollicking debut novel is the winner of 16 international book awards, including: the 2015 Amazon Kindle Book Award for Literary Fiction, the 2015 Global eBook Award for New Adult Fiction, a 2015 Eric Hoffer Book Award, the 2015 'Book of The Year' for, Finalist for the 2015 First Horizon Book Award, and placements at the London Book Festival, the New York Book Festival, the Amsterdam Book Festival, and the Beverly Hills International Book Awards.

Highly addictive, spectacular, and mind blowing... Thomas is a wizard of fiction. -- U.S. Review of Books

A sweeping literary saga in the traditional 'Dr. Zhivago', 'Gone with the Wind', and 'The Thorn Birds', this book has it all... original and stirring... --The Eric Hoffer Book Award

[A] cerebral page turner...a powerful and promising debut.--Kirkus Reviews

Winner of 16 International Book Awards, including the Kindle Book Award, the Global eBook Award, The Eric Hoffer Book Award, the London Book Festival, the New York Book Festival, the Amsterdam Book Festival, and the Beverly Hills International Book Awards.

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Book Blitz: Fan Into Flame by Joseph Skladany #promo #christian #nonfiction #rabtbooktours @MKWebsiteandSEO @RABTBookTours



Igniting A Heart for Christian Arsonism

Christian / Nonfiction / History

Date Published: July 2, 2021

Publisher: MindStir Media

As the sun rose on the Twenty First Century, it was clear that something was wrong in the stuffy and traditional confines of the American Church: the church people within the building had lost connection with the community people outside of it. In so doing, they lost their burning relationship with Jesus Christ, who came from the very throne room of God to be in relationship with those alienated from Him.

In Fan Into Flame, we follow the relational story of Peter the Apostle with Jesus: from the simple spark ignited at their first meeting, through the trials by fire over three years, to the heart wrenching failure of Peter's denial. Throughout, the fisherman must step outside of his familiar surroundings with a bold willingness to have his weaknesses exposed, his sinfulness revealed, and his very life threatened. Peter must lose what he thought was important, gain what he could not obtain, and discover the commitment Jesus demands, the cost Jesus invites him to endure, and an incomprehensible love Jesus desires to give.

Like Peter, the church need not fear the unfamiliar or its own failures. It need only fear quenching the fire of the One who will never abandon her through both. This is the story of a true Christian Arsonist.

About the Author

Joseph Skladany is an ordained pastor and has served in the Christian and Missionary Alliance since 2011.After pastoring in Ohio for three years, he moved to the Pacific Northwest where he is currently pastoring at Ignite Alliance in Veneta, Oregon. An out-of-the-church-box thinker, he has challenged the traditions of the often ingrown, static church, preferring to direct people's attentions to their community with an understanding of the current cultural context and armed with a sacrificial willingness to be open and fallible. Joseph has two adult children and his wife, Sandra, is a licensed counselor practicing in the Veneta, Eugene area.

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Thursday, January 13, 2022

Book Tour & Book Review: From Small Beginnings by Stephanie Laskoskie #blogtour #bookreview #giveaway #childrensbook #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours



Children's book

Date Published: December 1, 2021

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Great things come from small beginnings, and GREAT you are indeed.

This little book aimed at children packs a very big and important message. 
Any Nicu baby can understand their power and how strong they are from this book. That is what it highlights. 
Vibrant and fun images laced throughout will captivate. Well done! 

About The Author

Stephanie Trachier Laskoskie was born and raised in Texas. She is a proud mother of four, author of the international best seller "My Baby is a Superhero!" and runs a NICU support organization called From Small Beginnings.

In 2016, her life was turned upside down when her twins were born at 23 weeks 2 days gestation. Thanks to the incredible care received, her twins beat all odds and were able to come home together after 151 days in the NICU.

Her parents were both educators and books, specifically children's books, were always a huge part of her life. This experience with her own children fueled her passion to write children's books that were tailored to the NICU experience, not just for the baby but for the siblings and family. Proceeds from her books have been used to create NICU sibling care packages that have supported thousands of NICU families during their most difficult days.

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Book Tour & Book Review: Project Adventure Box Set by David Konrad #blogtour #bookreview #giveaway #childrensbook #mystery #rabtbooktours @RABTBookTours



Children's Mystery & Detectives Books

Date Published: December 14, 2021

This digital box set contains the first four mysteries in the Project Adventure children’s books series.

Preteens Ethan and Matt are best friends and founders of the Project Adventure kid-detective agency. They are always looking for adventures, solving a good mystery, and making new friends. Together, they embark on exhilarating adventures that strengthen their friendship, courage, and social skills.

The Heart of the Island: Ethan and Matt head into their first great adventure to find a lost diamond, called The Heart of the Island. They must overcome their fears, escape the bullies chasing them, and face spooky bat-filled caves as they take on the quest to find the treasure.

Rumble at the Zoo: Ethan and Matt receive a call for help from the Skywalk Zoo. Recently, the animals at the Zoo have been taking turns in behaving weirdly and aggressively, scaring visitors away. The police are no help and if Lisa doesn’t figure out why it’s happening, the Zoo will be shut down and the animals put to sleep...

The Courtside Mystery: Ethan and Matt are looking forward to spending time at basketball camp, just playing. But as they arrive, they find out about a weird incident at a basketball game at their camp the week before. The police think it’s just an accident, but the big rivalry between the two local basketball teams prompts the two friends to resume their solving mysteries activities.

The Scrapyard Shakedown: Ethan and Matt face freezing winter weather and sinister villains as they are tracing the shadowy figures lurking around the local scrapyard at the edge of town. The stakes are high and involve saving the dad of their new friend, Kalea.

This is a great little set for young readers. Even if your kiddo is a reluctant reader I think they will be able to get into these and be able to relate.
I think books this age should be fun and adventurous but also aim to help sharpen reading skills. 
Each installment is fun and engaging while bringing its own unique story. 

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