Book Review: Wild Child by Shelley Munro

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: 3/14/2013

Zoe Underwood is one sexy disruption.

From the moment her father married Matt’s mother, Zoe has tempted Matt Cantrell with her seductive curves and driven him crazy with her flirting and provocative manner. The thing is they have no future because Zoe is his stepsister. Determined to dodge trouble, Matt leaves Auckland to live and work in the Gold Coast of Australia. A sea between them should do the trick and let him move forward without the “Zoe” distraction in his life.

Matt Cantrell is one stubborn dude.

No one presses Zoe’s buttons like the tall, dark and gorgeous Matt. In fact, every other man pales in comparison. One last play. Zoe decides to invade Matt’s territory and make her move before some other clever woman snaps him up. She’ll bust through emotional walls and push boundaries. By the time she’s finished, Matt won’t know what hit him. Yes. Good or bad, she’ll stir things up and take a chance on love.

My Review:
Zoe has had a crush on Matt since her father married his mother. Problem was, Matt saw her as a young girl who was trouble. Matt has moved away, in part to put distance between himself and Zoe, but Zoe has other plans.

This one plays with more than one taboo topic. Step-siblings who start a romance and an older guy and younger girl. Both topics are executed well and add to the story as a whole. With the Step-Siblings aspect being the major detour for the couple to navigate. 

I loved their relationship from the very first encounter in Matt's bed. Their chemistry really does burn through the pages. I think that the fear of outside reaction really played a part in their relationship, but I love the way it unfolded. It added to the typical issues a couple would face and made things interesting. 

Review Copy Provided by Shelly Munro via NetGalley

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