Book Review: Matt Archer: Legend

First of all an apology as I meant to have this up on the same day as my post for the tour, but completely spaced. Sorry!


My Review:
Series such as this are always hard to determine if they will continue at the level they started or if things will start getting unbelievable and forced. Book one was amazing, Book 2 was amazing, and guess what? Book 3 is amazing as well. This is a series and an author who has a grasp on her characters/world and continues to bring it to life in a way that draws the reader in! 

Matt Archer has grown so much from book #1, I think this is seeming less adolescent than it started and the storyline is really growing with him. I love being able to notice growth and changes in a character because realistically we all change from year to year. 

I am addicted to this series and will definitely be highly anticipating the next installment. 

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