Blog Tour: Cap'n Random by Chris Debrie

Date Published: July 2013
When crime scene cleaner Charles 'Yey' Reyes helps a detective friend solve a Roanoke homicide, he shuns the praise. He quickly changes his mind when his friend is killed while on duty. But this time, his offer to help is rejected by the police captain. Meanwhile, homegrown celebrity Sydney Estes buys a house near town. As the citizens swoon, Yey notices a link between Sydney and a flurry of homicides. Harangued by the captain, local media, and Sydney's fans, Yey struggles to connect clues which will prove his theories.

My Review
This was an interesting read. It read differently than most Mystery's out there. I can't really pin point the exact thing that set it apart, but I do know that the writing/dialogue was witty. 

The pacing was well done, everything seemed to flow effortlessly without a feeling of being rushed.

The mystery itself was one that kept me flipping pages, nothing felt too obvious and I was definitely left guessing. 

This Mystery really is unique and worth the read.

Chris DeBrie is an American publisher, author, and artist. He has written hundreds of news and sports articles for a variety of sources. DeBrie has independently published several novels and comic books. He lives in Roanoke, Virginia.


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