Blog Tour: Forever Angel by January Bain

Book #4 in the Forever Series
Paranormal Romance
Date Published: October 7, 2013

Will the blood be enough to save the Vampire Clans from certain annihilation?
As prophesied by Lord RA, a Dhampyre has been born to a woman of the Fae. Having coupled with a recently turned vampire, Sunday Rose St. Clair bore this special child she named Jax at much risk to her own life and to all that came to her aid.
The newly formed Forever Clan, also created by Lord RA to protect the gifted offspring from all who bore him ill, are sworn to protect the new Dhampyre. Will the now grown up Jax be the one to save all the ancients from certain death? Or will the evil Lucifer Clan that searches for him find him first and end all hope for the vampires…

My Review:
Having recently read all 4 books in the series back to back, I will say that this was not my favorite, however, all of the books are extremely good and that is a huge factor. There are a multitude of storylines going on and reading the first books in the series would be a huge help. 

This is a very in depth series that takes some definite focus to keep track of, but Janauary Bain does a great job of not making the reader feel too bogged down with the details. The relationships in this one for me were more to my liking just because of the progression, it felt more natural. 

A Paranormal Romance series you should take a chance on for sure. 


January Bain is first and foremost a storyteller. She lives inside her imagination with so many characters clamoring to be set free that she is constantly working on two or three books. A visual artist, a teacher, a writer, January does not think there is enough hours in the day to capture all the magic that flows forth in our amazing world. A lover of research, she is drawn to world-building like a moth to a flame! She enjoys hearing from readers and writers alike. She is published by Champagne Book Group for her Forever Series of books. You can find January at

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  1. Nice to be visiting Texas today! The first book in my newest series, Blood Moon Justice that is almost finished, is set in Texas!!! Best, January