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Horror / Sci-Fi
Date Published: February 2, 2013

Sometimes they come back. At least the Kryszka aliens do. Their leader captures humans and injects a chemical to turn them into zombies. Yeron escapes their underground colony to practice human medicine, but most people fear him. Alexis, his patient, is afraid, too…until his seductive attentions profoundly arouse her. He develops a drug to control her pain from disabling arthritis, but her weakness prohibits her from handling most weapons. The Kryszka soldiers and zombies who break into the hospital are hungry. So very hungry. How will she fight them?


Horror/Sci-Fi, emphasis on the Horror. Barbara Custer does not shy away from creating scenes that are gruesome and will have readers in shock. This novel is definitely not for someone who is not a fan of blood and gore as there is plenty of that. Not only will you see that, but there are also some scenes that will leave you gasping. Hardcore fans of Horror will definitely find this as a wonderful addition to their collection.

Barbara lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she works full time as a respiratory therapist. When she’s not working with her patients, she’s enjoying a fright flick or working on horror and science fiction tales. Her short stories have appeared in numerous small press magazines. She’s published Night to Dawn magazine since 2004.
Other books by Barbara include Close Liaisons, Twilight Healer, City of Brotherly Death, and Life Raft: Earth. She’s also coauthored Alien Worlds and Starship Invasions (both now out of print) with Tom Johnson. She enjoys bringing her medical background to the printed page and blending it with supernatural horror. She maintains a presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and The Writers Coffeehouse forum. Look for the photos with the Mylar balloons and you’ll find her. 

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  1. Thanks so much for having me. I appreciate your review and showcasing of my work. :)