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Women's Fiction  
Date Published: December 2014

Tranquility is the name of a nursing home with a serene exterior, but it’s the inside that hides a sinister secret. Soon after a transfer to Tranquility’s dementia unit, support worker Sarah Scott suspects the foul-tempered employee who is in charge of bathing residents of abuse. Doing the right thing could mean losing her job, and unemployment is not an option for the young, single mom. 
Meanwhile, Sarah questions whether her newest resident, Edie, belongs in the locked unit. The feisty, Scottish woman certainly doesn’t act as though she has dementia. With the beginnings of a possible romantic relationship with a resident’s son, Sarah is determined to have Edie released, but her plans are thwarted when Edie risks her freedom and her life to help find the proof needed to stop the abuse. 


The thing that gets me about this novel from the start is that the cover looks like a horror novel and even in the synopsis it says that the outside is serene but hides a sinister secret. Just seemed a little opposite to me. 

Anyway, the actual novel was very well written and had a great story line. I liked that it wasn't a typical Women's Fiction novel, it did have mystery to it as well. 

I loved the theme of this novel. Its something you hear about, but I've never read a novel centered around it.  

Laurie grew up on a farm in a small Northern Ontario community in Canada. She left home at seventeen to experience life in the city and now lives in Cambridge, Ontario with her husband of twenty-seven years.
Raising three kids, teaching fitness and operating a home daycare left little time for writing, but she did have some poetry published in various anthologies over the years. In 1997, her short story “Til Death Do Us Part” placed first in the Cambridge Writers Collective anthology.
At the age of forty, Laurie went back to school and began a new career as a personal support worker. Though she ended up working in homecare, it was a placement in the dementia unit of a long-term care facility that inspired her to write her first novel, Tranquility.
Laurie is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing Program through the local community college and is working on her second novel.
Twitter: @lauriegardiner

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  1. Thanks so much for the review and for hosting me, Bailey. I'm glad you enjoyed Tranquility!

  2. Please note a correction. My Twitter handle is Laurie Gardiner1. Thanks!