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Crime Fiction
Date PublishedMay 20, 2015

Detective Tadhg Sullivan’s life seems to be falling apart, since being shifted to Clare
from Dublin after falling out with the Minister for Justice and the Garda Commissioner. His partner, Journalist Helen Carty, has moved out, unable to live with his bouts of depression and periodic alcoholism. He finds himself once again alone in a world that doesn’t understand him.
Suddenly Sullivan is knocked out of his lethargy when a teenage girl goes missing
not far from Ennis where he has been stationed. Sullivan is asked to lead the hunt by
the local Superintendent and is catapulted into a world of unimaginable horror. He is
confronted by Lord Charles Cromwell the leader of a sadistic cult—The
Brotherhood—that derives its pleasures from the torture and murder of young
Sullivan’s investigation is once again hampered by political interference. As he fights
his way through one bureaucratic obstacle after another he discovers that The
Brotherhoods tentacles have not only reached into corridors of power in Ireland but,
they are being protected by powerful politicians worldwide.
To cut through this protective ring of steel Sullivan finds himself having to engage
with some strange bed fellows. Which included an ex CIA agent, Simon Horowitz,
who had saved his partners life during his last investigation and an IRA leader, Rory
O’Connor, who has recently been released from prison.
Will this strange combination be able to destroy The Brotherhood before their
murderous reign takes another young life or will Lord Cromwell destroy Sullivan and
everything he loves?


Detective Tadhg is a wonderful lead character to read about. He's in a bit of hot water after his last case and is shipped off with a new case. He is a bit of an acquired taste but very fun to read about. This case was very intricate and I enjoyed being along for the ride with him. 

Daithi Kavanagh is 57 years old and lives with his wife and two teenage children in Trinity, Wexford, Ireland. Up to 2012 when the recession hit Ireland he was making a living as a musician. He then went back to adult education and completed his Leaving Certificate in 2014. He is now studying for a degree in Irish Culture and Heritage Studies at Wexford Campus.
While he was studying he began writing ‘The Gun’ which is the first book in The Tadhg Sullivan Series.  His second book in the series called The Brotherhood was released in May 2015. He is currently working on the third book in the series.
He plays guitar and sings in many of the pubs in his hometown of Wexford where he is often joined by his two children Ella and Rory who play fiddle and flute.
In his spare time he likes to walk his two dogs with his wife Caroline.

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