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Book Tour & Book Review: The Lost Train by Seth Crossman #booktour #rabtbooktours #thriller #giveaway #review @sethcrossman @RABTBookTours

Action Adventure Thriller
Date Published: 2/20/20
Publisher: Golden Acorn Press

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A former MP, Will Stattin, is called to Europe to investigate the theft of several paintings. He learns that the paintings are part of a series of nine pieces of art, all with a clue that ultimately leads to a train that disappeared from Konigsberg, Germany in late 1944 full of gold, art, and priceless artifacts. He quickly learns that he is not the only one after the paintings. Now it is a race across Europe to find the paintings and the lost train with the help of the beautiful and savvy museum agent, Giovanna Rossi, before the hunt turns even more deadly than it already has.


The Lost Train is a very cohesive Thriller. There is a great balance between the characters, their life, and the suspense/thriller aspect. The themes and setting really helped set this book apart from others. 

The plot was fast paced and flowed smoothly and the characters were those who I really liked reading about. They were interesting and compelling. 

This is just the first in the new Will Stattin Thriller Series by Seth Crossman, and I am excited to read more! 

About the Author

Seth Crossman is a minister, speaker, and writer who lives in Upstate New York. His own adventures have taken him across the globe and stirred his desire to write fast-paced, provocative thrillers that keep readers turning the page. He has three boys that he wants to inspire with a sense of adventure and courage to overcome whatever obstacles get in their way.

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