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Date Published: 6/4/2020

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“Doctor, your exam patient is ready in operatory #1”! But are you ready when your patient opens his mouth to reveal teeth blackened, broken, and rotted with decay?  At first glance, you might think the decay is from poor oral hygiene, candy or your patient’s soda consumption. But could it be from methamphetamine, a drug that causes severe tooth decay? Before you pick up your anesthetic syringe or dental drill, pick up and read “A State of Decay”: Your Dental Guide to Understanding and Treating Meth Mouth. With step-by-step advice and her outspoken style, Dr. Brown, walks you through how to Recognize, Communicate and Treat patients who have “meth mouth”. In these pages you’ll learn:

•       What methamphetamine is and why it causes rapid tooth decay

•       How to recognize patients in your practice who are using methamphetamine

•       Effective strategies to treat your patients with “meth mouth”


Addiction is a disease that is not discriminatory based upon socioeconomics, gender, race, culture, or geography.

Wealthy people can become addicted just like people who are poor. People who live in urban areas become addicted the same way people in rural areas get addicted. People who are educated get addicted just like people who are uneducated. At the jail, I have

treated truck drivers, teachers, soccer moms, CEOs, software engineers, chefs, nurses, lawyers, college students, athletes—the list goes on—who have used methamphetamine! They sit in the dental chair, seeking help for the damage that meth has done to their teeth, but they also sit in their jail cells due to the impact that methamphetamine has had on their lives and the lives of others. 

About the Author

Dr. Ronni Brown is a dentist, researcher, speaker and author who bridges the gap between dentistry, public health and substance abuse. Her work treating patients with “meth mouth” at a medium-security jail, research on the oral effects of methamphetamine, and courses at the world’s top dental conferences positions her as a leading expert on “meth mouth”. When not treating, speaking, or writing, Ronni can be found hiking, baking and visiting zoos across the world.

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