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General Fiction

Date Published: August 25, 2020

 Publisher: Three South Press

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Friends since childhood, Logan Ritter and Hunter James are now only held together by family ties and a history of codependency. Logan is a doctoral student and teacher who wraps himself in work, Hunter's parents, and his other long-time friend, Missy. Meanwhile, Hunter, struggling to balance his summer undergraduate courses, a part-time job, and his ever-increasing alcoholism, becomes obsessed with a misguided young woman he's never met. As their university town experiences unprecedented fear in the summer of 2002, each man’s life becomes blurred by self-absorption, assumptions, and full-on delusions. When faced with some undeniable truths, Logan and Hunter must decide how to untangle themselves from the false realities to which they've been clinging.



A story that flowed and the characters brought to life by the way the author depicted them.

Logan and Hunter are such deep and involved characters who are plagued with real world issues. They have their own ups and downs, and must each find their way. 

I liked the way that Lana Orndorff didn't shy away from real life issues. She met them head on and her characters dealt with them in real ways. 

This was a good story well written and thoroughly enjoyable.

This is one of those bedtime books that keep you up late, thinking, ‘Just one more page . . .’

 About the Author

Lana Orndorff works as a freelance writer and lives in Chicago with her husband and son. Missing Colors is her debut novel. As a reader and writer, she prefers beautifully tragic stories that fracture her heart. Because of this, her husband rarely takes her book recommendations.


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