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An Easy Way for Everyone to Organize, Record and Deliver Essential Information to Loved Ones in a Scenario like Accident, Illness or Death


Nonfiction, Estates & Trusts Law, Information Management (Books)

Date Published: September 17,2020

Publisher: MindStir Media


Just In Case Solutions provides a way of giving your secure information, your ongoing expenses, and various details about your life to your loved one(s) in a confidential workbook.

It compliments your estate planning process as well as providing an inventory of your life data.

Ask yourself, is your loved one prepared to handle the details if you are in an unexpected accident, or are suddenly stricken with an illness and not able to speak for yourself, or when death inevitably comes?

Whether you have one thousand dollars or one million dollars in the bank, loved ones will have the same struggle to determine what you have and where it is located. Once they know something exists and where it is located, they will be able to act accordingly.

Completing this workbook is a way to provide some comfort and ease the burden for your loved ones.

What's Inside! This workbook has been created to make it easy for you. Take one step at a time and complete each detailed step at your own pace.

•        Step 1: Personal Details

•        Step 2: Family, Friends and Pets

•        Step 3: Health, Medical, and Health Insurance

•        Step 4: Employment, Retirement, Military

•        Step 5: Professionals and Legal Documents

•        Step 6: Financial and Insurance

•        Step 7: Residence, Bills and Loans

•        Step 8: Vehicles and Transportation

•        Step 9: Religion, Activities, Clubs, Subscriptions, and Memberships

•        Step 10: Just in Case of Death




Just In Case Solutions

Author Dedication

This workbook is dedicated to all the people who struggle with organizing their life data and to those whose lives are, or will be, deeply affected by a Just In Case Scenario of an accident, illness, or death. I dedicate this workbook to all of you and your loved ones, hoping that it makes a very difficult time a little easier.


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