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Murder Mystery

Date Published: 2017

Chris Singer, former homecoming queen, stumbles in the dark in front of the high school where her reunion is taking place. She is brutally murdered. A fire breaks out in the gym and the ensuing chaos leads to the discovery of Chris’ bloodied body. Since David Wilson, her boyfriend from high school, is one of the last people to be seen with Chris, he is arrested for the crime. Detectives are sure they have their man, but his wife isn’t so sure. Her questioning leads her into secrets and lies from long ago. The danger she meets is real and deadly.


I felt engulfed in the story from the get-go. I love how we get the background of the characters, but at the heart is a true mystery feel. I can get lost in a mystery book any day. 

Mystery, drama and conflict, fast moving and full of dilemmas. Wonderfully written and leaves you wanting more from the world! 

Shocks and Twists along the way will keep you invested and completely immersed in the book. There were many aspects I didn't see coming. 

About the Author

SJ SLAGLE started her writing career as a language arts teacher. Her initial interest was children’s stories, but she moved on to western romance, mysteries and historical fiction. She has published 24 novels, both independent and contract. SJ contributes regularly to guest blogs and her website is SJ has established Twitter and Facebook fan bases, a quarterly author newsletter and a website under her pseudonym: JEANNE HARRELL at

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