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Nonfiction / Self Help

Date Published: January 25, 2022

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At his father’s deathbed, Robert Hamady came to the realization that we don’t really control our actions, even though we may live with the absolute certainty that we do.

In two parts, Hamady breaks down six compelling neurological findings that indicate it is your brain, and not your will, that produces your actions. He follows this with the six principal features, and the wonder, of your consciousness.

In this short guide, you will find yourself questioning what you know about your self and at the same time marveling at just your average day.

This was a well-organized guide. I liked how well thought out it came across. Real-life experience and examples and the WHY behind things. It is eye-opening and believable. Go in with an open mind and be ready to really think about the words and the things Hamady brings up throughout this book. It's a great read. 

About the Author

Robert Hamady is a writer with a particular interest in consciousness. He is a lawyer and strategic planner with a degree in philosophy. His other works include: 

 In Search of the Elusive “I” 

 The Other Virtual You 


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