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A blueprint for rebuilding the social fabric and reimagining an inclusive society


Date Published: November 15, 2021

Publisher: Cogent Publishing

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A timely reminder of our shared humanity and the fragile social contract that binds us together.

This book is also about taking a deep breath and reassessing our institutions, systems, and values and re-purposing them in an uncertain post-pandemic world. It is about engineering positive change to achieve a better world—“for the people”—where most of the population can thrive and prosper, while building and maintaining the core values of equality, trust, and empathy. I hope to show how a shift in perspective that has blossomed in our small island nation might be the catalyst for far more sweeping change in bigger countries like the United States and the United Kingdom. I hope that it will help awaken the world to the fragility of our shared humanity at what may well prove to be a unique time in history.


This is a great read that really brings together many elements of life with an underlying theme that ensures every one is represented equally and fairly. 
Well written, easy to follow, full of many wonderful examples and lessons. Great read! 

About the Author

 I am a lawyer (barrister - Queens Counsel) and a past president of the New Zealand Bar Association. I have a long-standing interest in social justice and the environment. I am a TEDx speaker, author and painter. Raised in apartheid South Africa, I immigrated to New Zealand over 40 years ago. I recently felt compelled by the pressing issues of our time: inequality, polarization, extremism, global warming, and the disruption caused by Covid 19, to make sense of what is happening around the world today. In my book debut “The Power of Wellbeing”, I challenge readers to join me on a journey and to ignore the naysayers and noise and imagine a better, fairer and more sustainable society - and to create an environment where most people can genuinely flourish and thrive.

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