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45 Secrets That All High School Teachers Need to Know

Non-Fiction, Education

Published: January 31, 2021 (3rd Edition)


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A no-nonsense guide to effective classroom management in a high school setting.

This is the much anticipated Third Edition of the original award-winning volume. Fully indexed and updated, this edition covers the same topics as the First and Second editions but with new information for 2021 onwards. The book begins by examining key mistakes teachers make in the 'direct realm' - i.e. when interacting face-to-face with students. These first three chapters cover rapport-building, active-engagement and behavior management as it applies in a high-school setting. Following this, the book expansively covers a range of tips, techniques and tools to engage advanced, exam-level learners and to effectively enhance the teaching process via the use of technology. The book concludes with an often overlooked sphere of teaching: how to work effectively with colleagues and parents (very powerful when strategized correctly). Bonus material on the unique challenges of teaching overseas is provided in a plenary chapter. This edition of the book has been exhaustively proofread and indexed, and is of a much-higher quality than can be attributed to the First and Second editions.

About the Author

Richard James Rogers received both his bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and his PGCE in Secondary Science Education from Bangor University (Wales, UK). This was an excellent foundation for the steep learning curve that would follow as he pursued his career as a teacher of Science and Mathematics at UK state schools, and afterwards at elite international schools in Asia. He started teaching professionally in 2005, but he considers his teaching career to have started back in 1995: when he was a Lance Corporal and cadet instructor in the Army Cadet Force. He has taught IGCSE German, Key Stage 3 and 4 Science and Mathematics and three subjects at ‘AS’, ‘A2’ and IB Diploma level: Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics. He also went on to lead a team of students to win the Thailand Tournament of Minds Championship in 2012 and has been an active educational blogger, columnist and online pedagogical content editor since 2010.

Richard’s debut book, The Quick Guide to Classroom Management: 45 Secrets That All High School Teachers Need to Know, is a widely acclaimed practical teaching manual for Newly Qualified Teachers and offers an overview of what, in his experience and research, works best when it comes to engaging young learners and being happy in your job as a high school teacher.

Richard’s second book, The Power of Praise: Empowering Students Through Positive Feedback, focuses on long-term feedback strategies that schools and individual teachers can use to create innate drive, enthusiasm and passion for learning. The core theme of the book is the power that meaningful praise can have in character-building: effects that will last long-after a child’s schooling is complete.

Richard is a regular contributor to and features in their podcasts and online magazines. He actively writes about a range of different issues to do with teaching at this blog:

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