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What to Expect During Your Partner’s Pregnancy

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 Date Published: February 21, 2023


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Become a better partner and future father as you gear up for the biggest game of your life — Keep reading to get a play-by-play on how you can become your partner’s best teammate!

So, you just found out you’re having a baby with the love of your life. What now?

Moms-to-be are given unlimited resources on how they can properly and confidently navigate their first pregnancy from Week 1. Dads-to-be, however, are left wanting.

It comes as no surprise that most pregnant women are left to their own devices while their partners simply tag along with confused looks on their faces.

But not anymore!

“The Rookie Dad’s Guide to Fatherhood: What to Expect During Your Partner's Pregnancy and Beyond” gives you real-world guidance on how to be the best expectant father there is!

From finding out you’re having a baby to childbirth, this guide mixes valuable insights with good humor when covering ALL important stages — from choosing a doctor to the experience of labor, what it will cost, and so much more!

Here’s what’s in store:

● Answers to all your most pressing questions: Never be clueless again! Get practical advice and insights to better understand what your partner is going through physically, mentally, and emotionally so you can better support them through it all.

● Expect the unexpected: Most pregnancies don’t always go according to plan. To be the best partner and future father you can be, you’ll get a preview into how pregnancies can unfold in real life and how you can tackle them proactively without losing your cool or sense of humor.

About the Author

Dany Collins is a husband and a father to a 16 month old . He served in the military from 1999-2005. During his time in the service he did two tours in Iraq.

When Danny was honorably discharged He went into the nursing field specializing in cardiac & critical care. He now has over 13 years of experience in the field. He holds an ADN, BSN, and MBA. He is recognized and well respected for his expertise in the care of patients. In addition to his work as a nurse, he is also an accomplished author and illustrator.

His latest book, "Rookie Dad", is a heartwarming and humorous guide to fatherhood for new dads. Drawing on his own experiences as a first-time father. Danny provides practical advice, helpful tips, and plenty of laughs along the way.

He brings a unique perspective to his writing, and his work is guaranteed to leave you entertained, educated, and uplifted. His commitment to excellence and his passion for helping others make him a valuable resource for new dads everywhere, and his book "Rookie Dad" is sure to be a treasured resource for many years to come.

When he's not working or writing, he can often be found sketching, and honing his skills as an illustrator. He is a true artist at heart, with a passion for bringing ideas to life on the page. Grab a copy of his book and share in the magic that is fatherhood!

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