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(A letter I will never send, to a mother who would never read it anyway)


Non-fiction / Memoir

Date Published: 06-01-2023


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None of us were raised by perfect mothers, nor can we ourselves be perfect parents. But some mothers sure do know how to ruin a life, well, almost. I say almost because, although my mother's parenting left severe damage in its path and, regrettably, and inevitably, shaped some of the decisions I made, I am grateful to have realized the issues I was facing. So, I now have the opportunity to properly address those issues, to minimize their  impact on my life.

This book holds the words I would express to my mother, if I thought she cared to acknowledge my feelings at all.

Many others have been “raised” by narcissistic mothers and have been deeply affected. But it is still possible to live happy lives, free of Mom’s burden. Writing has helped me immensely in this regard.

Raw, honest, and to the point, Eva Tillman has a lot of thoughts on her upbringing and she lays them all out there for the reader. This was a well organized book, I thought Eva Tillman did a great job of highlighting the important parts of her childhood and how the affected her later in life. 
It's written in a different way as Eva Tillman is analyzing her life while also sharing her thoughts with her mother. For her, it has to have been therapeutic to get it off her chest. 
Well done. 

About the Author

Eva Tillman published her first work in 2023. However, she has enjoyed writing since she was a teenager.

She lived in several regions of the United States before she finally settled in the West with its palm trees and almost constant sunshine. She loves to read, eat, and help others feel good about themselves.

Many people, including Eva, have faced trauma of different types. Unfortunately, the hands of time cannot be turned back. But it is possible to live happy and successful lives, contentedly coping with the slowly dissipating effects of the trauma.

In her most personal work, "Dear Mom", Eva does her best to express herself as she would if she were writing to Mother herself. Perhaps one day Eva will deliver the book to its rightful recipient. For now, she enjoys the liberation of having poured out her true feelings.


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