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The Three Brothers Trilogy, Book Three


Young Adult

Date Published: July 15, 2023


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The Wolfensberger brothers barely escaped the Lost Isles. Now, back in Etria, they long to return to their normal lives. Unfortunately, fresh danger is closing in fast.

Trouble begins with Princess Ella's disappearance. As Jules and Borus hunt for her, they find themselves fighting against oddly familiar circumstances. While his brothers are gone, Kass suffers a crushing loss that forces him to turn to friends for support.

With the trio more vulnerable than ever, the threat of war closes in. The bonds of family and friendship are tested when all must stand together in the final battle to save Etria. Will their efforts be enough to defeat the powerful fire mage, Pyr? Or will the Wolfensberger brothers be lost to the inferno of his rage?


Award-winning author Elizabeth R, Jensen delivers a story of love, war, and sacrifice in the highly-anticipated conclusion of her pulse-pounding trilogy!

Previous Books in the Series


The Wolf’s Den

The Three Brothers Trilogy, Book One


Three brothers...three destinies...three chances to fail.

One country hangs in the balance.

Peacetime in Etria is no time to become a knight. War lies in the past and the future is for growing new things. Swords become plows and soldiers become farmers, artists, shop owners, and poets. Everyone knows that training for a war that may never come is a waste of time, but for the three grandsons of the greatest war hero in history, knighthood isn’t a choice; it’s destiny.

The three inseparable boys set off on three very different roads to knighthood. The eldest travels the straight path. The middle boy follows the crooked way of the rebel. The youngest...he follows the trail of legend.

When war returns all too soon, the boys will be tested. They will hold in their hands the lives of the most powerful and important people of all of Etria. If they fail, their country may fall into darkness and horror.

But these boys were born to be knights, to protect their king, land, and people no matter the cost to themselves. In the end, they will give their all, but will it be enough?







The Hawk’s Flight

The Three Brothers Trilogy, Book Two


After twenty years of peace in the land of Etria, war has come crashing across its borders. Both Wanonia to the north and Ruschmann Blackwell to the south have waged attacks.

Suddenly, three young brothers find themselves thrust into the role of battlefront soldiers. Following separate paths, the three hone their skills and fight for their people.

The eldest brother, Borus, becomes a full-fledged swordmaster. The middle brother, Kass, masters horseback archery. The youngest brother, Jules, delves further into the art of weather magic.

Years pass as friendships are tested, and lives are lost. Only then are Borus, Kass, and Jules reunited on a top-secret diplomatic mission.

Can their bond as brothers withstand the challenges they face? Or will they become the latest casualties of the dragon sorcerer?

From Award-winning author Elizabeth R. Jensen comes The Hawk’s Flight, a gripping tale of adventure and the unbreakable bond of family.






About the Author

Elizabeth R. Jensen is an Arabian horse breeder in Atlanta, GA. Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in animal science, a master’s of business administration and a master’s of organizational leadership. In elementary school, Elizabeth was introduced to creative writing in an after-school poetry class for gifted students. Since then, she has continued to write poetry. The Wolf’s Den is her debut novel.


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