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LGBTQ+ Poetry

Date Published: September 12th 2023

Publisher: Just Breathe Jasmine

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Witness a love that transcends societal norms, and immerse yourself in this poetic tale of love's enduring power.

Unafraid and bare, as the autumn leaves fall over Brooklyn, a young woman discovers a love that was, is, and will be. Orange September gives us a peek into her heart as she navigates a budding union. Through lines brimming with passion, romance, and a few giggles, each word paints a vivid portrait of their love.


Good poetry a lot about Lgbtq+.
These poems form an interesting narrative. Most are short but strong in their meaning and very deep resonating.


About the Author

I have always embraced the power and beauty of words. From my early years as a bubbly and quiet church girl, I found solace and inspiration in writing. With a pen in hand and my late grandmother's memo pad as my canvas, I began to weave stories and pour my heart into poetic expressions. Of course, back then it was toddler scribbles and my mother would nod along as I gave the best baby gibberish to relay my stories—anyway...

Poetry quickly became my niche, a medium through which I could explore the depths of my emotions and connect with others... As a devoted bookworm and a secret midnight snacker, I found myself immersed in the literary world, drawing inspiration from the world around me, music and poets I looked up to. The elders, who were solid storytellers, shaped my love for language and storytelling.

Throughout my journey, I have six poetry collections, each representing a chapter of my growth and self-expression. These collections have allowed me to share my unique perspective with readers, delving into themes of love, loss, de-conversion from Christianity, self-discovery, and the beauty of the human experience. Additionally, I recently published my debut novel, marking a significant milestone in my writing career. Still working on the second installment.

Amidst my literary path, I stumbled into re-self-discovery that led me to challenge and ultimately de-convert from Christianity. Graduating from a Christian college, I found the courage to question my beliefs and embrace a new path of authenticity and self-acceptance. This transformative experience revealed profound aspects of my identity, including my late blooming realization of being a lesbian, a revelation that holds immense significance for someone who grew up in a strict fundamentalist Christian background.

Today, I stand proud in my newfound self-awareness. Alongside my loving spouse, our delightful cat named Aubry (She’s the ruler of our home. She just lets us live with her. Which is nice and stuff), and a home filled with random kitchen twerks to various genres of music, I embrace the vibrant colors of life. As bland as it may sound to some, this represents a monumental shift from the constraints of my past, and I celebrate every aspect of my journey.

Outside of writing, I find joy in exploring the world through books, traveling to new destinations, cherishing moments with loved ones, and immersing myself in the magic of live theater (AKA a Broadway Heaux). These experiences fuel my creativity and shape the stories I tell.

With the upcoming release of my poetry collection, "Orange September," in September of this year, I eagerly invite readers into a world mushy love and poetic romance. I am also actively engaged in other writing projects, constantly driven to explore new themes and genres, always seeking to captivate and inspire my audience. Growing. Learning. One page at a time, really.

Thank you for reading my about me page and stuff. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my poems, stories and word vomits with you, and I hope that my words touch your heart and ignite your own creative spirit.


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