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Embracing Confidence In Your Career


Nonfiction, Job Hunting, Careers

Date Published: December 1, 2023



"The Reward of Risk: Embracing Confidence In Your Career" is an essential guide for young professionals embarking on their career paths. It serves as both a source of inspiration and a practical blueprint for building a meaningful and successful career in today's fast-paced economy. This book blends experienced insights with youthful energy, offering strategies for creating a standout personal brand, effective networking, and forging strong professional relationships.

Highlighting the importance of volunteer work, the book shows how it can enhance personal and professional growth, improve resumes, and develop leadership skills. It presents real-life stories where risk-taking and hard work lead to significant career achievements, providing practical advice on negotiation, overcoming setbacks, and initiating new ventures.

The guide also delves into social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility, emphasizing the importance of making a social impact while achieving business goals. It stresses the role of skills development, networking, mentorship, and how these elements contribute to job satisfaction and career advancement.

Internships, volunteering, and community engagement are portrayed as transformative experiences that shape professional identities and prepare individuals for global career challenges. The book also covers fundraising and social impact initiatives, teaching lessons in creativity and strategic thinking.

Overall, "The Reward of Risk" is more than just a book; it's a mentor and motivator, encouraging readers to embrace confidence, view challenges as opportunities, and see risks as potential rewards. It's a comprehensive companion for anyone ready to take their place in the professional world.

 About the Author 

Olivia von Holt is an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur focusing on personal development and mentorship of young professionals. Her distinctive fusion of European and American cultural perspectives has profoundly impacted Olivia's professional trajectory. She has extensive experience in various industries in multiple business sector.

In addition to being recognized on the prestigious "30 under 30" list, Olivia received the Woman-Owned Business Award. Her extraordinary leadership and entrepreneurial character are reflected in these honors.

While not her initial intention, Olivia accidentally entered the realm of authorship. As a mentee inspired her to document her knowledge. She startet to think "Who is mentoring whom now?"

Her writing focuses on inspiration to an emerging group of professionals share advice she wishes she had gotten earlier in her career. Olivia's journey is a testament to the power of experience, mentorship, and the courage to embrace new paths.


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