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Date Published: 12-08-2023



Without a heart, death and love are equally impossible.

James's heart has been stolen. He knows because he got stabbed in the chest and didn't even bleed. On the plus side, he isn't dead! On the minus side, whoever has his heart can control him, and until he gets the heart back, he is incapable of feeling love for anyone but the thief. Whoever that may be.

He has to get the heart back, and quickly. But with an assassin in the mix, and a vengeful ex-lover, and a suspicious fiancée, and no idea who to trust or where to look, the task won't be easy. Especially when, with a stolen heart, he can't even really trust himself.



 Such a vivid read. I loved the way the author allowed the reader to clearly picture the world she created. 

This book was wholly unique and it was engaging and kept me reading and wondering what was going to happen next. There were a lot of things that were predictable which I think happens with many books, and I caught on to a few things, but there were equally as many things that took me by surprise. 

The plot is very fluid. Once you think you know where the storyline is going, you get surprised by a new revelation. This created an enjoyable pacing.

Great read. 

About the Author

Melody Wiklund is a writer of fantasy and occasionally romance. In her free time, she loves knitting and watching Chinese dramas. And she’s never summoned a spirit or an assassin… or at least so she claims.


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