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Because Nothing's More Powerful than a Sunny Day!

Children's Book

Date Published: September 19, 2022

A fun and engaging educational story that teaches children how to harness the incredible power of our sun!

It seems just like any other car journey to the beach, but when Jack passes a field full of solar panels, he starts to wonder what on earth these strange things could be.

Thanks to his new friend, Sunny, a talking sunbeam travelling down from the sun, Jack is turned into a ray of light himself and soon learns about the process of turning the sun’s energy into power that everyone can use.

By teaching him about what solar panels are used for and how solar power could save the world, Sunny shows Jack how exciting and amazing clean energy can be.

With a focus on the importance of renewable energy, the alternative it provides to fossil fuels and the unique process of using solar panels to power our homes, The Mighty Solar Panel is an invigorating story which will kick-start a child’s interest in the significance of going green.

Are you and your children ready to learn about the limitless power of solar energy? Then grab your copy of The Mighty Solar Panel, today!

★★★★★ "Great little book for getting the kids into learning about the benefits of renewable power!" - Reader Review

About the Author

As the CEO of a solar panel installation company, Daniel Jarrett is devoted to sharing his passion and expertise with a whole new generation.

With his children’s book, The Mighty Solar Panel, he is dedicated to educating a young audience about the importance of clean energy and solar power.

Living in Brisbane, Australia, Daniel is motivated by his family, his passion for sales and his love for telling stories. He hopes to use his writing to encourage open discussion and give young people access to ideas that they might never have come across before.

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