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Date Published: January 31, 2024



The only way people get out of Worcester is in a body bag, people used to say when Mal was growing up in the Main South neighborhood-crash-landing in house after house like true wrens, her family's nutty avian namesake.

Raising Wrenns recounts her trips back to Worcester after the men in her family lost their lives; first her dad when he was shot, and later her brother who committed suicide jumping off a roof. On these trips she revisits the shoddy apartments they perched in, resurrecting her macabre, sometimes comical childhood memories of the streets where they fought bloody and birdlike for their survival.

The book is cordoned by fantastical and scientific stories comparing her family's world and personality traits with those of wrens. It also contains a creative history of Worcester, a former factory town plagued by poverty, addiction, and violence-a cycle that Mal, unlike her brother and father, was able to escape.

About the Author

Mal Wrenn Corbin was born in Worcester, MA and after a turbulent childhood, went on to be a first-generation college graduate of Dartmouth College. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree at Dartmouth, she went on to earn her Master of Education degree at Boston College.

Today, Mal works as a business development professional for a leading financial services firm. Along with her husband and nineteen-year-old son, she lives in Duxbury, a bedroom community nestled between Boston and Cape Cod, along the Massachusetts shoreline.


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