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The story of a life


Biographies & Memoirs, Religion & Spirituality, Self-Help

Date Published: August 31, 2023



Immerse yourself in Tanja Begerack's world, a life shaped by extraordinary experiences and a belief in the supernatural.

From Tanja Begerack's poignant childhood, where she first made contact with spirits, to paranormal encounters and near-death experiences, her extraordinary journey unfolds. These encounters have not only profoundly transformed her own life but will also challenge readers' perspectives on the world.

Despite significant physical disabilities, Tanja Begerack has learned to harness her thoughts and beliefs as driving forces to positively shape her life and pursue her dreams. In "A Special Life," she shares valuable advice, offering readers the opportunity to discover their own thoughts and dreams as keys to a fulfilled existence.

This book is much more than an autobiography; it is a treasure trove of inspiration and courage. Allow yourself to be captivated by Tanja Begerack's story, expanding your own perspective on the supernatural and the boundless power of thoughts. "A Special Life - The Story of a Life" will not only provoke contemplation but also empower you to forge your own path and fearlessly pursue your dreams.

Take a glimpse into a world beyond the ordinary and let Tanja Begerack's extraordinary and multifaceted life story touch you.

About the Author

Tanja Begerack was born in Munich in 1984 and spent most of her childhood in Germany, but also in Spain for a while. As an author, empath, clairvoyant medium, spiritual companion and mental trainer, she is already well known in the media.

Even as a little girl, who was born with a physical disability (severe scoliosis with Klippelfeil syndrome), she had access to the media and spiritual world. This made her realize early on that there is more than meets the eye of the human mind and that she has a purpose on earth.

In the past, the author supervised a number of social projects, among other things, and has been sharing her spiritual experiences and knowledge of the spiritual world with people all over the world for many years.

She began writing about her life some time ago and now gives readings and lectures. In addition, she plans to publish more books and to support various social and spiritual-medial projects.

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