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Self-Help, Self Reflection

Date Published: 5/25/2022



We all have a certain role to play in what we want the world to look like. What the world looks and feels like today is because of our actions – or inactions; there is always a price to pay for both. The need to understand that we are responsible for what the world is today cannot be overemphasized. We are either living in it carelessly, carefully scheming and orchestrating conflicts that will last many generations, or transferring in our young ones hatred about others which they, moving forward, transfer into theirs.

‘The World in My Eyes’ is a masterpiece by Kayode Michael Arimoro as he, through his experiences and reflections, is making a conscious effort to urge everyone to pause for a moment, take account of how our actions and inactions have impacted the world, and make a conscious effort to making the world a better place than we met it.


About the Author

A believer of non geographical, non color or racial categorization of mankind who believes all humans should live above a globally acceptable human existence index

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