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Mystery / Thriller

Date Published: 01-08-2024

Publisher: First Legacy Publishing



Sometimes, the most dangerous thing . . . is the truth.

For disgraced cable news producer Hannah Hawthorne, covering the shooting of a pretty NYU sophomore is a chance for redemption. When the story snowballs into a media circus, Hannah’s reporting fans the sensationalistic flames and earns her acclaim. The tragic murder, seemingly the result of random urban gun violence, prompts protests and vigils that further magnify the story.

Meanwhile, Paulo Richardson, a reporter for an online neighborhood newspaper, is following the other murder in Washington Square Park that same night – a Latino teen. He discovers an unexpected connection that is political dynamite. When Hannah and Paulo team up, they uncover disturbing facts, leading them to question everything they thought they knew and leading them to the man who may be the killer.

When the story is ready to explode, the truth may be hotter than anyone can handle. Breaking the next scoop could ruin Paulo’s paper and wreck Hannah’s career – and it could get them both killed.


Wow, this was quite the thriller, full of evocative descriptions. It makes your mind wander and really draws you into the points the author is trying to make. 
I liked the ups and downs and the way the author didn't shy away from darker moments. 
One thing that stands out for me is that so much thought and planning went into making this an exciting read that was hard to put down and kept me on my toes. 

About the Author

Kevin G. Chapman is an attorney specializing in labor and employment law and an independent author. His Mike Stoneman Thriller series, includes Lethal Voyage, Winner of the Kindle Book Award, and Fatal Infraction, the #1 Police Procedural of the year (Chanticleer Book Review CLUE Award). Kevin’s latest is a stand-alone mystery/suspense/romance called Dead Winner, which recently won the CLUE Award as the #1 Suspense/Thriller of the year. Kevin has also written a serious political drama, A Legacy of One (2016) and is currently working on two new mystery/thrillers due out in 2022 and 2023. Kevin is a resident of Central New Jersey and is a graduate of Columbia College and Boston University School of Law. Readers can contact Kevin via his website at

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