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Illustrator: Angel Neha


Children's Book

Date Published: March 6, 2024

Publisher: Mindstir Media


This short story is about Nathan's adventures during a 5th grade science field trip to the Sunbrook Forest National Park. Nathan is familiar with the park because he and his sister Iris has visited the park before with the encouragement of their mom. Nathan overcomes some anxieties of not liking the subject science, having to buddy with the 5th grade bully, and worrying about other 5th graders, teachers and volunteers might see Gob the gnome and cause problems for Gob and the park. By the end of the science fieldtrip Nathan has built a level of confidence that he could make the best science presentation in his classroom and together with the 5th grade bully develop a monthly 'Clean the Park' project where he and his classmates join to clean up the forest. a mother wanting her children to enjoy the outdoors. Nathan meets an interesting park ranger who later become very instrumental in his interest in science, the environment and his future career plan after high school.

Since the 1400s, folklore has described gnomes as guardians of treasure and the protectors of Earth. Gnomes represents stability, growth, and good luck. This is the third book of the six-book series about Gob the gnome. The six books in this series all revolve around a gnome, the protector of a local forest, who becomes friends with Nathan and Iris and helps to educate them on the importance of caring for the environment.


About the Author

Marilyn Slaughter is an educator with experience teaching second through fifth grades, middle school science, and social studies. She now spends time authoring books for children and adults for engagement, learning, and entertainment. Marilyn’s first six books are a set with the theme of children, with their families enjoying the outdoors; and with teachers and classmates learning about the environment. The children are introduced to a magical and mythical being in the forest and they work to save the local forest. Her goal is to provide a fun read with an entertaining way for children to learn about science.

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