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Children's Mystery

Date Published: January 29, 2024

Publisher: Mindstir Media


It seemed like it would be another quiet, summer morning of fishing for 11-year old Charlie, her older brother, Finn, and his best friend, Tyler. Their friendly lakeside town in west Michigan was usually peaceful and a bit boring during summer vacation for these three mystery-loving middle schoolers. Little did they know, they were about to stumble upon a thrilling treasure hunt with tricky clues and a sinister thief who is determined to beat them each step of the way. Join these three amateur detectives for a small town Michigan mystery with twists and turns that will keep you guessing.


I love the vibrancy and fun a children's book brings. It's always such a vivid and wild ride and Hidden Treasure at Little Lake is no different.

Dawn Lenee Reed brings us an amazing cast of characters who battle both real life young issues while also battling the unknown. All the characters were interesting, even the bit players. Good for anyone that enjoys reading light mystery.

It really flows so effortlessly from chapter to chapter.

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