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Historical Fiction

Date Published: 1/18/2024

Narrator: Deborah Balm

Run Time: 15h 30 min



It is 741. Only one thing stands between Charles the Hammer and the throne—he's dying. Despite his best efforts, the only thing to reign after Charles's death is chaos. Son battles son, Christianity battles paganism, and Charles's daughter flees his court for an enemy's love.

Based on a true story, Anvil of God is a whirlwind of love, honor, sacrifice, and betrayal that follows a bereaved family's relentless quest for power and destiny.



A thoughtful historical read with a wonderful setting that the author stays true to.

The characters make this novel and reinforce the pragmatic view that while we can control little that happens in life, we always determine what our response will be.

This is one of those stories that reaches you as you're listening and the production only heightens the experience.


About the Author

After a 25-year career working as a press secretary on Capitol Hill, writing a weekly column for a daily newspaper, and managing crisis and public affairs for many of the largest American corporations and institutions, J. Boyce Gleason began writing historical fiction to satisfy his passion for storytelling.

His first novel ANVIL OF GOD, Book One of the Carolingian Chronicles received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, was named Historical Fiction Book of the Year by the Independent Publishers Awards and Mainstream/Literary e-Book of the Year by Writers Digest Magazine.  The sequels (Wheel of the Fates & Crown of a King) both received 4.5 ratings or better on Amazon.

With an AB in history from Dartmouth College, Gleason brings a strong understanding of the events that shaped history. He says he writes historical fiction to discover “why.” He and his wife live in Virginia.


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