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The Mirrored Trilogy, #1


Fantasy Romance / Romantasy

Date Published: 04-09-2024

Publisher: City Owl Press


What if the fairytale was always a lie? 

Seven years after her family’s murders, Eva is attacked by a magical creature and abducted to the faerie realm. When a handsome fae saves her, Bash reveals that he must bring Eva to her faerie soulmate to stop a world-ending Curse. She relents, but only for the opportunity to find answers about her parents’ deaths. 

As their journey progresses, Eva delves into her previously hidden magic—and grows steadily closer to Bash. But when she meets her prince, she soon learns that all is not what it seems. While mystery and intrigue surround her, Eva takes it into her own hands to uncover the truth. But what she discovers is beyond her imagination, as she unravels the fae’s web of lies. 

Don’t miss this romantasy into the fae realm with hidden secrets, steamy romance, and true fantasy adventure.



Wow, I loved this!

Not only does the author write a great story, she also writes elaborate scenes that run like a movie in your head.

Even her dialogue is great and that's probably the thing I complain about the most in modern writing.

This was a very well crafted adult fantasy that excels in its character development, intricate plot, and unexpected twists. Fans of dark and enchanting tales will find themselves enthralled by the journey, the complexities of the realm, and the dynamic relationships that evolve amidst the shadows.

About the Author

Dana Evyn has been lost in her daydreams for as long as she can remember, though only recently started writing them down. She’s usually lost in a book—especially one with an indominable female lead, a unique magical world, and a dark twist you don’t see coming. She’s a mother of two tiny humans and a large golden retriever, and lives near Seattle, WA.


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