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"Until the Lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the Hunt will always glorify the Hunter."


Pamela Edwards McClafferty (Editor)



Date Published: May 21, 2024

Publisher: Spellbound Pictures Ltd USA LLC.




BLUE: A Multigenerational Epic of Destiny, Secrets, and Freedom


Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.


Spanning five generations, four families, two continents, and three secrets, BLUE is a captivating saga that intertwines the lives of four extraordinary individuals on an urgent mission for freedom.


Meet the Protagonists:


  • Nicole Johnson: A beautiful Howard University MBA graduate with a vision to build her international advertising/marketing company, Fresh, Inc., in her hometown of Chicago.
  • Regina Bovine: A stunning artistic marketer and graduate of life's challenges, Regina becomes Nicole's partner in Fresh, Inc., bringing her unique perspective and talent.
  • Segun Bada: A brilliant MIT graduate who establishes the headquarters of his international conglomerate, Quantum Protection Systems (Q.P.S.), in Gaborone, Botswana.
  • Sotonye Bada: Segun's gifted brother and a graduate of the Mayo Medical School, Sotonye sets up his medical practice in Gaborone, Botswana, alongside his brother.


Together, their paths converge in an extraordinary saga that takes them across the globe to Chicago, New Orleans, Botswana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Huntsville, Nigeria, Kenya, Washington D.C., and Tanzania. As they unravel the secrets of their ancestors, they discover the reason the ancient oracles destined them to join forces.


A Race Against Time:

With BLUE, a formidable force of evil, threatening to unleash his deadliest powers upon the world before the children born to either join or destroy him reach their thirty-first birthday, Nicole and Regina are drawn back to the African continent, the birthplace of BLUE.

In a final, epic battle, they join Sotonye and Segun to protect the Freedom Code, a legacy for their ancestors, their present allies, and the future generations of their people—and all people. For if one man or woman is enslaved, so is the world.


BLUE: A Riveting Tale of:


  • Family: Exploring the intricate bonds and connections between generations and families across continents.
  • Love: Showcasing the power of love in its various forms, from familial love to romantic love.
  • Destiny: Unraveling the ancient prophecies that foretold the convergence of four lives on a mission.
  • Freedom: Fighting for the fundamental right of freedom for all individuals and the world at large.


Immerse yourself in this multigenerational epic that will keep you turning pages as you journey alongside Nicole, Regina, Segun, and Sotonye in their quest for freedom and the preservation of their legacy.


About the Author

 Walter Jones, a native Chicagoan, (1952 -) has written his first novel.

“Dreams can come true, but it probably won’t happen as you first imagined. No one could have told me a novel I started when I was in my forties would come to fruition in my sixties. Or that I would go from golden boy to ‘I‘m sorry. You are extremely qualified for the position, but we are considering other candidates.’ Or that I would face years of doubt and criticism from relatives and friends.”

The sixth child of Mary Louise Spillman and Russell Donald Jones Jr., Walter grew up in two predominately African American communities, Morgan Park and Chatham. The Spillmans were one of the first African American families to settle in Chicago; they owned homes and businesses and took care of their neighborhoods.

By the mid-1960s, the civil rights movement was in full swing. Housing projects had been built and crime was on the rise. By the time Walter graduated from Chicago State University (psychology), the peace he had known in his youth was a memory.

Walter had high hopes that he could make a difference when he began his career at the Austin Chicago YMCA before becoming the first black executive at Lawson YMCA Metro Chicago. He ended his YMCA career at the historical Black Washington Park. Thereafter, he worked at Habitat Boulevard LLC and then ventured out on his own to found his own construction company.

“Working in public service, I watched my people falling into materialistic, superficial, and destructive traps. I was surprised and humbled to find I was no exception. When my construction business failed, I had to reassess myself and my life. For years I had focused on the image I wanted my children and others to have of me, not on the man I truly was. I began to reflect on the people who had profoundly influenced my life.”

BLUE began to take form as Walter wrote about the African American life of his youth—the beauty, majesty, brilliance, and courage of his people. He suddenly realized he was rebuilding that which he had lost, a love of self and humanity. To support his family, he took odd jobs. Ultimately he joined a security company, where he works to this day.

“As my greatest advocate, my mother read my first draft of BLUE before her death in 1995 and made me promise to complete it. Little did I know she was freeing me from BLUE and showing me how long the path can be to freedom, but I learned, and I am grateful.”


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