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Iconic New Look of DIOR



Date Published: March 18, 2024

Publisher: MindStir Media


Today, it is difficult to imagine a fashion show of a high-end brand without the presence of Asian and Black models. However, until the mid-20th century, it was considered a taboo. Who were the pioneers to break this barrier and tread this new and difficult path?

For the very first time in the history of high fashion, a model with a non-European appearance graced the runways - Alla Ilchun. Discovered by Dior himself, she was described by him as "one of the born mannequins". In the United States, she held the esteemed title of Ambassador for the House of Dior.

Since 1947, the creative concept behind Dior's New Look was often perceived as a new trend in fashion. This book presents a much broader context of the New Look concept that includes a human component: a new type of model. A woman for whom this fashion design was created. Alla was an Asian beauty whose body perfectly corresponded to the aesthetic of the New Look. Her impassive, distant, and notably aristocratic expression captivated the couturier's attention.

However, the story of her appearance at Dior has remained a mystery until recently. Her name was doomed to be forgotten. This amazing story of the Muse of Dior as a bearer of multiculturalism is explored in our books "L'Énigme d'Alla. Muse de Dior" (2021) in French and "A Pearl of the Orient at Dior" (2022) in Chinese. The value of these books along with their English counterparts lies in the fact that we rely on official documents, unique photographs, and diverse sources of information about Alla's saga. The story of Alla Ilchun, as an Icon of the New Look and Muse of the great couturier, is a story of wisdom and foresight of the legendary architect of fashion and elegance, Christian Dior.




Its a great book if you are interested in dedication and success stories.

Through hardships and disappointments, she pushed on to develop the brand. An in-depth read of such an interesting and lovely woman!

About the Author

A multi-faceted individual, Dr Berlin Irishev is a researcher, diplomat, founder of the global project aimed at reviving the name of the legendary Muse of Dior - Alla Ilchun. This biography is part of a series of books dedicated to chronicle Alla’s fascinating story. The book "L’Enigme d'Alla. Muse de Dior" in French (2021) and "A Pearl of the Orient at Dior" in Chinese (2022) unravel the extraordinary destiny of the Muse of Dior.

In addition to telling the story of Alla’s life, this book focuses on the study of Alla as an icon of the New Look. Dior's groundbreaking decision to invite a model of non-European appearance to the High Fashion runway for the first time marked a true revolution in the fashion industry. Additionally, Dr Irishev serves as the general producer of the documentary "Alla - the Oriental Pearl of Dior".


“Alla is one of the born mannequins”

 “My models are the life of my dresses. And I want my dresses to be happy.”

-         Christian DIOR

“Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.”

 -Yves Saint LAURENT

“Alla was an Asian beauty whose silhouette perfectly corresponded to the aesthetic of the New Look.” 

-Catherine ORMEN (DIOR Forever)

 “In every swarm of bees, Alla is the Queen”

-Frédérique MITTERAND

 “The star of all stars, unsurpassed”


“Happy end guaranteed”





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