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Date Published: 01-05-2024



Are you frustrated about the way schools may be run today? Will your child or grandchild be entering school soon?How do we help teachers help students in public schools do their best? And why does it "take a village" to raise a child? Learn about education ideas and helping the future with this book, including if you want to run for school board. Written in a down-to-earth style with answers you need in each chapter.



This is a must read for parents of children in school or anyone who may have kids in schools soon.

This dives deep into the disconnect in education. It also really shines a light on children with disabilities.

This was a quick and easy read that held so much value and information.

Sources and References are revealed and you can tell the author really did a lot of her own research.


About the Author

Ms. D. J. Mathews has been the wife of a teacher, taken education classes, and taught logic and writing for several years at Radford University. A mother of 3 sons, her spouse experienced big job issues while teaching in a poorly run school system. This inspired Ms. Mathews to write an informative book, a slim book with a chapter on each member of the education community -- teachers, parents, principals, students, school board members -- and how they can all work better together. She is also a Master naturalist member.


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  1. This looks like a very interesting novel. Thanks for sharing.