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Self Help, Spiritual Inspiration

Date Published: 06-12-2024

Truths beautifully expressed

Toby Negus, author and illustrator of The heart knows what the mind cannot see, has created a collection of lyrical inspirational prose messages coupled with colorful and mesmerizing symbolic illustrations that speak to the soul.

The author has continued his exploration of the most transformational psychospiritual concepts that lie deeply within all humans, bringing the wisdom of heart and soul into the light for our minds to connect with and grow from. He weaves his messages through a variety of topics, including love, freedom, choice, truth, self-awareness, the now moment, healing, peace, and most importantly, the role of the heart and soul in enlightening humanity’s journey on Planet Earth. Connections are made among these concepts to help readers make the same connections in order to find peace in their own lives.

As an artist, the author takes his ethereal subject matter, fuses it with the colors and shapes presented by his own spiritual muse, and gives the reader a visceral inner transformation through symbol, intense color, and cosmic shape.

Heart and Soul creates a deep and beautiful immersion for the reader into their own heart’s beautiful depths.


About the Author

Toby Negus is an artist, both with paints and of the spirit. His work reflects a deep commitment to meeting life on its terms and an equally deep understanding of human nature.

Toby has studied and taught spiritual and personal development in the UK and around the world for over two decades. He is qualified in advanced counselling, as a life coach and as a Cognitive Behaviour therapist. He is an Amazon best-selling author of a collaborative Conscious Creators book and has illustrated and self published two books on the subject of self-awareness and the spiritual journey. He has articles published in national magazine and has given talks and run workshops in support of his published work within the UK.

In the last few years, he has created many pieces of artwork that are a reflection of his spiritual journey. These have appeared in magazines and have been exhibited in the UK.


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