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The Perfect Person to Get Cancer


Date Published: January 1, 2021

Karen Baker had the perfect life. She had a dashing husband, two beautiful daughters, and two incredible parents who set her up with firm financial foundations. At least, that was how it looked on the outside.

Beneath the surface, Karen’s marriage was in turmoil. To make matters worse, a series of seemingly freak accidents and medical diagnoses put her through trial after trial. Through it all, she took care of everyone around her. Her determination and grit were such that, when her final diagnosis came, a friend said something startling: “Karen, you’re the perfect person to get cancer. Because you’re going to beat it and use the experience to help others.”

Now Karen shares her remarkable story—how she cared for three generations of her family through illness and tragedy, and the lessons she learned along the way. She includes practical tips for financial well-being during life’s storms—and the final and most powerful lesson of all.


It took COVID-19, which took my father’s life, and a cancer diagnosis to make me realize that I had more to offer the world than finance. After years of hearing that I should write a book, followed by being bedridden and facing death’s door, I was left asking: What is really most important in my life? What will I regret not doing if I die today?

It turns out, facing death is a great influence on one’s life. I realized, as I sat alone with my thoughts, talking to God, just how much is inside me that I have never let out.

I’ve always been a private person. Many who have known me will be shocked by the contents of this book. But I was given this

life—with all its twists, turns, low points and high points—for a reason. And it’s time for me to share it.

I want this book to change your focus. Your focus should not be on how hard life is right now. It should not be on what you can’t seem to do or what you can’t seem to have. Your focus should be on what is possible for you right now. Not despite your obstacles, but because of them.

What is possible for you now that would not be possible if that horrible thing had not happened? What do you understand? Who can you help? What are you able to enjoy now that would not be possible if you were jet-setting around the world in pursuit of fame and fortune—like I was not too long ago?

For me, I get to see my girls. I get to work in my garden. I get to enjoy the little oasis I created in the back of my home by the water. I get to stop and reflect on things I’ve never had time to reflect on. Enjoy that. Revel in it. Live in it.

Enjoying what you have right now will enable you to push forward to get to where you want to be.

What you’re going through is not who you are. The cancer is not who I am. I’m so much more than the cancer. I’m so much more even than my finance career. Even if it did take cancer to make me realize that.

Don’t worry; there will be financial goodies in these pages. If I had not planned carefully and strategically for my future, finances would have been a much bigger obstacle to me in the face of my accidents, illness, divorce and more. In covering my life story, I’ll give you my top financial tips and tricks for every conceivable life stage and situation.

But I’m also going to do my best to give you more. I’m going to do my best to share the strength and faith that has allowed me to overcome some unbelievable lows and reach some unbelievable highs.

Thank you for trusting me to take you on this journey. It took a disastrous depressive low to make me realize my worth as a child of God. It took cancer to make me stop and look inside, and realize how much I truly have to offer to help others. May these realizations dawn on you more easily.

I hope this book leaves you with some of the wisdom I had to go through hell to get.

About the Author

Karen C. Baker, first-time author of “Live! Love! Reset! God’s Plan: The Perfect Person to Get Cancer,” has pressing advice to share with readers–you must get your financial house in order as soon as possible. Karen knows better than anyone that life can be unpredictable, that even the best-laid plans are subject to change at any moment, and that nothing in life worth having is easy. While battling cancer, working through the end of her 30-year marriage, and dealing with other life and health complications that put her out of work, Karen kept food on the table, provided for three generations of her family, and emerged victorious with the desire to use her life experiences to help others. In her new memoir which was released January 1, 2021, Karen shares her stories of triumph and survival while providing invaluable financial advice to readers.

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