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Date Published: June 9, 2022


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Each and every person is a subject with a range of emotions; through experiences, people’s perception of thoughts vary. Every emotion has a different purpose and the acknowledgment of the feeling affects the impact on the victim. My lucid ideas about similar emotions blended with other people’s exposure serves as a fine contrast and an intriguing viewpoint. To further understand this outlook, I watch, listen, and interpret these emotions through other people’s experiences in an effort to articulate them, in hopes that I will be able to find the places where these different shades of blue originate and lie within.

The Truth About Words

Empty words fill the pages

Rusting smells sprinkle through

Underlying thoughts

And stolen lies

Candlelight saviors

But trembling fingers

Refute the weight of the sky

Ghostly stains etch the paper

Desperation claws through truth

Foolish ones with hubris and hauteur

Tramp upon this lonely surface

The power of a single word

About the Author

Thanvi Voruganti is the international best-selling author of the book, From the Inside on Amazon. She is 12 years old and lives in Chandler, Arizona with her parents. Often the contemplative thinker, Thanvi continues to showcase her resume through poetry and other award-winning works.

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